The 18 Things You Need To Become That Girl | That Girl Essentials

The 18 Things You Need To Become That Girl | That Girl Essentials

The 18 Things You Need To Become That Girl | That Girl Essentials

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The That Girl Tikok Trend is still popular and here are the things you need to become that girl this year!

It’s a new year, so that means new routines and new goals. I was slowly getting back to my That Girl routine before this whole trend happened. It’s weird how the That Girl trend from TikTok and Pinterest is so popular now yet this is exactly how I lived my life in school. I wanted a change and had a morning routine down, exercised, and had my life somewhat together.

Anyway, you didn’t come here to listen to me ramble.


One thing I must call out about this trend is that it’s a trend. It glamourizes a lot of workaholic tendencies and other things people have brought up about the trend (I’ve addressed this in other That Girl posts). But overall, you need to figure out if this lifestyle works for you.

I mentioned before how this trend works for some people. Everyone’s schedule, peak productivity hours, and diet cannot or will not look the same. People who really live this lifestyle most likely don’t have hours and hours of time to post on social media (unless they schedule it in their routine or work —like me— as a content creator).

Again, this trend is all about having a routine, doing the same thing pretty much every day, and having tasks lined up for you. If you don’t like any of that then, this trend might be difficult for you and will take some time.


Okay, on to the things you need to be that girl.

Before I lived this very structured lifestyle, I was a college student who was just winging everything. I just did my work whenever and didn’t schedule things out. I wanted a change for myself and to be more productive, get my life somewhat together, and eat and feel better.

One thing you need to become “That Girl” is to want to change and have a structured lifestyle.


Plan. Plan. Plan.

I lived by my planners during college. I love planners so much. In post-grad and adult world, I have two different planners by them. One for wellness and one as an everyday to-do list type of planner.


To be That Girl, you need to have a planner. If you are in school still, I recommend the Classic 17-month Academic planner from It was what I used from my junior year of high school to after my college graduation for internships. So like 5-6 years, I used this planner. (Update: I bought another one because I was so used to this planner!)

If you aren’t in school or want a more generalized planner, I recommend’s To Do Planner. You can plan out what days you can write lists out and are in full control.



Journaling and having a to-do list will keep your mind clear and set on your goals. I recommend getting a separate journal just for writing down your thoughts. I also recommended in my recent email newsletter to have a stack of sticky notes and a nice pen to write a to-do list.


I honestly need to have a to-do list or I won’t do anything. Seriously, that’s how organized my brain is. It also was a habit I started during my peak That Girl phase that stayed around.


So one thing about having your phone alarm as your alarm clock is that it is so easy to start scrolling on social media which is my biggest problem right now. But I used to have my old, cracked iPhone as my alarm clock across the room to wake me up in the morning. 

I recommend actually getting a real alarm clock.

things you need to become that girl


If you are wondering “What does a That Girl wear?” Then, I got the answer for you. I recommend getting a few sets of workout clothes. If you are a student who walks on campus, then I definitely recommend it because that’s what I wear and still kind of do because I just sit at home and work from my laptop.

You need to have some workout clothes for your daily, weekly, or whenever you plan to work out. It not only fits the That Girl aesthetic, but it also helps you get into the mood to work out.


Aerie/Offline: Aerie has an athleisure line that I love and also love their pocket leggings and sports bras. You have no idea how useful their pocket leggings are. I absolutely love them because I can carry my phone and Airpods around. 

Lululemon: This store/brand has been growing in popularity over the past few years. I really want to try out their leggings because they are designed for a specific activity (e.g. yoga). For the Lululemon fans, continue buying their clothing because it is one of the items you need to become a That Girl.

Nike: I really recommend their shorts and shoes. Nike is hands down one of the best brands you can buy workout clothing from. I wore their Women’s Tanjun shoes out my freshman year of college, but now I really am considering getting Nike’s comfort slip-on shoes.

that girl essentials

Adidas: I love Adidas and have since I was in high school. I’m a big fan of their Edge Lux line of shoes and haven’t really bought more shoes from other brands since I discovered their shoes. I have a pair of Cloud Foam shoes because they felt so comfortable in the store and still do when I walk. 

that girl essentials


The next thing you need to become That Girl is a yoga mat. Whether you decide to do yoga or intense workouts, you will need a mat. This is the top item you will need. Almost every photo I found of the That Girl trend related to exercising had a mat. So you definitely need this. I use this exact mat I bought from Amazon every day or every other day when I do yoga or do a quick YouTube workout.

I recommend it because it’s thick. It has survived my cat using it as a scratching post and my dirty feet.


One thing that you need to keep with as a That Girl is skincare. You must have your skincare routine down and learn about your skin. I personally recommend going to a dermatologist to make the process easier, simpler, and actually knowing what to buy for your skin. I personally have had to figure out my own skincare routine that comprises of my skin needs, such as having dry skin and acne-prone skin. I also had to cut back on sugar but some products I recommend:

This Korean lemon-gel exfoliator is great for getting those dead skin cells off your skin:


Black Girl Sunscreen is a product I definitely recommend if have tons of hyperpigmentation because it helps prevent the spots from getting darker because darker skin scars easily:

E.l.f Daily Hydration Moisturizer is a simple moisturizer for anyone with dry skin:

My new moisturizer is the belif’s The True Cream-Aqua Bomb. It’s hands-down the BEST skin moisturizer I’ve used. It was recommended to me and my skin started to break out less. It’s on the more expensive side, but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT.

I’m too lazy to get up and take a photo of the moisturizer, so please excuse this photo from Ulta.


Okay, as a fangirl and music lover, I can not go a day without my AirPods. Let me get that out there. BUT you will need headphones or AirPods to stay focused on your work, especially if you are studying or working a lot. I use them daily during work and during study sessions.

things you need to be that girl


Obviously, the That Girl trend is all about being a better version of yourself. I’m not going to straight up recommend an entire diet for you. I barely eat that great and currently working on finding foods that don’t make me drowsy. Go to a dietitian or doctor or find out how you can eat better.

Again, a That Girl could have those green smoothies, colorful salads, lots of protein such as chicken. Just find healthier foods that you like (and tolerate) and slowly incorporate them into your diet.

I have personally started to less my intake of sugar and up how much protein I have in a day. I also focus on eating better so I can feel better. I can’t have certain foods because I’d get so sleepy after eating it. 


What you need to become That Girl are self-help books. Instead of spending hours scrolling, the That Girl trend hints at reading more and improving yourself. I have read several self help books and working on reading more. If you are more new to self-help/self-improvement books, then I recommend starting with “The Insecure Girl’s Handbook” by Olivia Purvis, “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. These books are simple and are great for beginners.

12. MUGS

Are you a tea or coffee person? Or are you both? Get yourself a few mugs to become That Girl. Find yourself a tea that you like for self care moments. If you like coffee, learn how to make it at home. But remember get yourself some mugs. I personally love the mugs that Target has. 


Yes, again. You will need either coffee or tea. I personally recommend black tea for caffeine and green tea for relaxing moments. I don’t drink coffee that much anymore but I learned how to make iced coffee for intense study time in college. This is the exact tumbler I have that allows me to carry my tea everywhere and it still will be warm:



Now, if you read my “How To Become That Girl” blog post, you know that I recommended getting Tony Moly’s facemasks from Ulta. The typical That Girl routine includes doing skincare. Face masks are one of the quick, fun, and easy ways to add moisture to your skin or destress it.

I personally love going to Ulta and picking out my favorite Tony Moly face masks depending on my skincare needs. But I tried BTS’s BT21’s face masks that a friend gave me and IT MADE MY SKIN SO SMOOTH. So, buy some face masks for yourself if you want to become That Girl!

My weekly face mask go-to:

BT21’s Sheet Masks are also a recommendation because IDK what they put in Shooky’s one, but it made my skin so soft and relaxed. But they sell out so quickly at Ulta. If you find one, then you’re in luck.

that girl routine 


A common item that I found in “That Girl” aesthetic photos is reusable cotton tote bags. I have multiple tote bags and always use them whenever I want to carry a few books or a notebook around. It’s great to have them, especially when grocery shopping. There are so many cute cotton tote bags on Etsy.


Another fashion staple of the That Girl trend is comfy clothing, especially sweatpants. I believe that it is one of the top things you need to become That Girl. Sure, the That Girl trend also encourages dressing in your way, but a common thing to also have in your closet is a good pair of sweatpants when you need to chill at home or need to really work on something. I personally recommend hoodies from Aerie because their clothing is super comfortable and soft.



Remember to stay hydrated. Another thing you need to become That Girl is a water bottle. These water bottles can come in various sizes or designs, but I recommend either a basic tumbler or a water bottle with the time of the day you should drink water.

I personally own this exact bottle from Amazon that tells you when to drink water. It really helps me stay aware of how much water I’m drinking.

things you need to become that girl



Everyone thinks that the That Girl trend kind of started on TikTok, but it was on Pinterest wayyy before. The That Girl is literally a Pinterest board. So, I recommend starting a Pinterest account because Pinterest is the most laid-back social media (even if you consider it that).

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